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Where is the Best Place to Live in the UK?

The reasons for relocating are endless, but the question is always there – where is the best place to live in the UK?

Whether it’s a scenic countryside town with farm shops or a busy city-centre flat that you’re after, picking your new living situation wisely is key, especially if you’re wishing to move into your ‘forever home’.

We have rounded up the top 5 best places to live in the UK, with varying environments and areas, so you know that your potential move is a good one…

1. Ilkley

Ilkley is a scenic town in the county of West Yorkshire, and the 2022 Sunday Times Best Places to Live reports that it is the best place to live in the UK altogether.

West Yorkshire is known for its picturesque dales and scenery, but Ilkley has ranked highest of all places. It is no surprise, as Ilkley has the stunning Ilkley Moors which are great for a long walk or hike, depending on your level of difficulty. Also, Ilkley benefits from direct transport links to Leeds and Bradford, which makes it easy to travel if you need a city-break or large shopping centres.

Alongside easy transport links and scenic walking routes, Ilkley has a decent housing market with the average house costing around £438,000 and often hosts events such as the May carnival parade and June tennis tournament.

2. Norwich

Norwich is an excellent place to live in, with a safe and welcoming environment and only a short drive to the cost, it has landed in the 2nd place on our list.

The city is a very historically-rich place, with a stunning medieval cathedral that is a Romanesque building with ornate cloisters and beautiful architectural features, Norwich is known as being the most complete medieval city in the UK.

Alongside its tourist attractions, it also has considerably low crime rates and houses many High Street shops, with lively restaurants and independent bars.

3. Harrogate

One of the most popular places to visit and live in Yorkshire – Harrogate. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Harrogate ranks highly in the top places to live list, due to its excellent range of High Street shops, luxury Spas, fine dining restaurants and affluent neighbourhood areas.

Harrogate is truly a hidden North Yorkshire gem, with the Yorkshire Dales just a stone throw’s away, and direct transport links to Leeds and Bradford, it is accessible to those who wish to visit or those living there and wishing to commute.

The affluent town has plenty of elegant and traditional cafes and has the historical Turkish Baths that first put Harrogate on the map in the Victorian times. Although sometimes not cheap, Harrogate is a great place to live in.

4. Glasgow

Glasgow is not only known for its Victorian and unique architecture, but also for the welcoming and fun people that surround it. Located in Scotland, Glasgow is the home of friendly and exciting faces that enjoy the city’s nature and 70 outdoor parks and open spaces.

The city is full of Scottish culture, with brilliant museums and art galleries, among a booming music industry with concert venues and plenty of festivals for a lively crowd.

It’s important to note that Glasgow houses nearly 1/3 of the entire national population, so if it’s the city for you, know that you’re definitely not alone.

5. Oxford

5th on our list is Oxford, one for those looking to move further down South. Oxford is an extremely historic city, with stunning architecture and a truly medieval core.

The city is very well-known for its brilliant education options, with the University of Oxford being one of the best to study at, so if you’re thinking about your children’s education or you’d like to move for your own career path, Oxford should be considered s a great option.

Parks, meadows and open spaces are scattered through the city, with rivers winding through to provide miles of scenic waterways for all visitors to enjoy.

What to Consider When Moving

There are multiple factors to consider when moving to a different area of the UK, and we have visited different topics throughout our carefully picked-out list.

If you enjoy scenic walks, a quieter environment and less of a hectic atmosphere, then a countryside town such as Ilkley or the traditional medieval feel of Oxford could be perfect.

Whereas, a lively and welcoming environment with plenty of events and entertainment options such as Glasgow, could be ideal for a young couple or someone interested in keeping busy.

How We Can Help

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