‘Right to Buy’ mortgages allow council tenants to purchase their home using council discounts as deposits | ‘Right to Buy’ eligibility, benefits, and the application process.

Right to Buy Mortgages in Huddersfield 

While homeownership remains a dream for many, for council tenants in the UK, the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme offers a unique opportunity. 

Introduced in the 1980s, this programme allows eligible council tenants to purchase their home at a significant discount,
making homeownership more accessible.

One of the key advantages is that the deposit for a mortgage can be covered entirely by the discount 
received from the council.
Here we explore how the scheme works, its benefits, and considerations for prospective buyers.  

What is the ‘Right to Buy’ Scheme? 

The ‘Right to Buy’ scheme enables council tenants who have lived in their property for a qualifying 
period (typically three to five years) to purchase their home at a discounted price. 

This discount can be substantial and varies depending on the length of tenancy and property type.  

The discount can be up to £87,200 (£116,200 in London) as of 2024, making property significantly more 

How ‘Right to Buy’ Mortgages Work 

To be eligible, an applicant must have been a local authority tenant for the required period and the
property has to be their main home. 

Once eligibility is confirmed, tenants apply to their council using the official ‘Right to Buy’ application form. 

The council then assess
es the application and confirms the discount. 

The council will arrange for the property to be valued at its full market price and will then deduct the 
discount to determine the purchase price. An offer notice will be sent to the tenant detailing the terms.  
With the offer in hand, tenants can approach mortgage lenders. 

Many lenders offer ‘Right to Buy’ mortgages, which are tailored to accommodate the unique aspects of 
the scheme. Importantly, the discount can serve as a deposit, eliminating the need for additional savings. 

Benefits of ‘Right to Buy’ Mortgages

The discount can often cover the entire deposit, significantly lowering the barrier to homeownership. 

As homeowners, individuals can benefit from property value appreciation, building equity over time. 
Owning a home provides long-term stability and the freedom to make modifications and improvements 
without needing landlord permission. 

Considerations and Challenges 

While the initial cost may be lower, buyers must be prepared for the long-term financial commitment of mortgage payments, maintenance, and potential repairs. 

Property values can fluctuate, so it’s important to consider the potential for changes in the market. 
Not all council properties are eligible for ‘Right to Buy,’ and some may come with restrictions, especially 
if located in certain areas or designed as specially adapted housing. 

With significant discounts to make homeownership more accessible, the scheme offers a valuable 
opportunity for council tenants living in Huddersfield to step onto the property ladder. 

By understanding the process and considering both the benefits and potential challenges, prospective 
buyers can make informed decisions and potentially achieve their dream of owning a home. 
If you’re a council tenant, exploring ‘Right to Buy’ mortgages with Mortgage to Home may be the key to 
unlocking a more secure future.

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