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Mortgage to Home are a Huddersfield based mortgage advisor offering advice and services to customers in the local area. Whether you are looking for a first time buyer mortgage or a buy to let option, we have the experience and connections to ensure you get the best deal available.

Mortgage to Home – Supporting you with whatever mortgage and whatever stage you are a.

Many mortgage applicants are unaware that there are hundreds of mortgage products to choose from, in addition to those offered by High Street banks. At the same time, most people are unprepared for the stringent criteria involved in applying for a mortgage.

Mortgage to home, based in Huddersfield provides the best mortgages from over 1000 lenders nationwide. We will deal with every client personally and provide expert advice across a comprehensive range of mortgages, insurance and lenders.

Our aim is to be helpful, caring and confidential, whatever your circumstances may be. Our excellent customer feedback and five-star reviews demonstrate this.

Our specialist team of Mortgage Advisors will help you select the best product for your budget and personal situation. Our mortgage services include First Time Buyer, Home Mover, Buy to Let Mortgages and Remortgage Advice

Mortgage Brokers in Huddersfield

Mortgage to Home specialise in offering exceptional mortgage deals and home buyer loans with excellent interest rates (subject to status) to first time buyers in Huddersfield and the surrounding areas. Whether your property is a small , medium or large size house, as long as you can provide proof of your income and afford the repayments, we will have the right deal for you. We also assist first time buyers with mortgages to enable you to purchase properties on the help-to-buy scheme. 

Looking for a Mortgage or Home Mover Loan, then get in touch with Mortgage to Home. We have an extensive range of lenders available to choose from with very competitive rates. Choose from variable and fixed rate mortgages. Get in touch today to find out further information or to start looking at an application. 

We have years of experience helping people remortgage their homes. Whether you are looking to take some equity out of your home or simply looking to change lenders with a view to reducing your rates, we are on hand with a wide range of prospective lenders, all with competitive rates. It can be a daunting time trying to switch mortgage lenders so let us help you make that switch and take all the worry and hassle away from you.

Over the years we have assisted hundreds of landlords with their buy to let mortgages. We have a range of specific lenders who cater for buy to let customers. Get in touch today and get the ball rolling and you will not be disappointed with what we can offer. Take a look at our fantastic customer reviews and see what our previous customers have to say about our service.

Mortgage Questions

We have been working in the mortgage industry for over 10 years; our Mortgage Advisors in Huddersfield have come across almost every mortgage scenario possible.

Our experience and knowledge in the industry, combined with our determination to secure you a competitive mortgage deal, (depending on certain aspects such as your credit file and affordability) make us certain we will be able to help you.

Talking to a mortgage advisor in Huddersfield early on in the process is a good idea. We can help you work out what you can afford to pay each month and also how much the different lenders will let you borrow. You would be surprised by the vast differences between mortgage lenders when it comes to the maximum mortgage available.

A great advisor in Huddersfield will love to build up an ongoing relationship with a client. It can often start with an affordability assessment and agreement in Principle before even finding a house. Even after the purchase is complete, we keep regular contact via email and re-engage by phone running up to the initial mortgage product coming to its end. We then compare the market on your behalf once again to obtain the best remortgage deal available. 

Bad Credit Mortgage Advice in Huddersfield

Unsecured credit is common these days, and it’s not uncommon for clients to approach us for Specialist Mortgage Advice in Huddersfield when they have missed payments or have a low credit score.

All it takes is missing payments on your mobile phone contract or a utility bill. You might get faced with a default attached to your credit report. It might leave you in a bad situation to obtain a mortgage soon because it indicates to the lender that you are at a high risk of not keeping up with your monthly repayments.

The good news is just because you have missed payments or have a default, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get a mortgage. Having said that, you’ll likely need some specialist help because it is possible you will get declined for a mortgage by a high street bank, especially if you only have a small deposit. 

First time buyers, home movers, landlords and self employed individuals will always ask the same question when it comes to applying for a mortgage – “how much can I borrow?”. The answer varies depending on your individual circumstances.

If you’re trying to work out how much that you can borrow, we would recommend speaking to us for a more accurate measure of affordability. A mortgage advisor in Huddersfield will research the market on your behalf and try to find a lender that will provide you with the amount you need to borrow.

Many see being self employed as a barrier when trying to obtain a mortgage. The good news is with an expert mortgage broker in Huddersfield were with you every step of the way and you’ll have a greater chance of being accepted.

There are specific uniformed lending criteria for sole traders and limited company directors. Most lenders have their own individual policy, and the amount they will allow you to borrow can broadly differ from one lender to the next. Whether you’ve only been trading for 1 year or have a low declared income, contact a mortgage broker in Huddersfield to help you with your self employed mortgage needs.

When your current deal is coming to an end your mortgage lender may offer you a new deal to stay with them. This is known as a product transfer, and unfortunately, most lenders don’t reward you for your loyalty to them. You don’t have to stay with your lender, there are hundreds of competitive deals out there for you.

They’ll know that you can get a better deal, but why would they want you to know that and this is why taking mortgage advice in Huddersfield can really help!

We always recommend that you don’t rush into things and get mortgage advice in Huddersfield before accepting a deal. It can be hard to find a competitive rate with the same lender and that’s why we advise in shopping around first or approaching a mortgage broker in Huddersfield and we’ll find the best deal for you.

Looking at getting 100% mortgage in Huddersfield?  

It can be daunting when buying your first property. As a mortgage broker in Huddersfield, it is our job to guide you through the process of getting a mortgage without a deposit in Huddersfield.  

If you have rented your property for the last 12 months and paid your rent on time and in full then you could be eligible. There are certain criteria that you need to hit if you are buying a property through a mortgage advisor in Huddersfield. This criteria is changing all the time so it is best to speak to a mortgage advisor in Huddersfield to discuss whether you would be eligible.  

The other option if you do not have a deposit would be to look at a family gifted deposit. If you have a relative or friend in Huddersfield that could gift you the deposit, then this would allow you to purchase your dream home in Huddersfield. 

The answer quite simply is yes! If you have been offered a new job in Huddersfield and it is due to start within the next 3 months, then it is worth speaking to a mortgage adviser in Huddersfield to see if you are eligible. All we will need is a copy of the new contract which confirms the start date, gross annual salary and the job title for the role you will be starting in Huddersfield.  

As always, to check your eligibility. it is recommended that you speak to a mortgage advisor in Huddersfield to check affordability etc.  

While remortgaging in Huddersfield can offer the possibility of consolidating unsecured debts onto your mortgage, it’s essential to weigh the potential consequences. This approach could lead to extended mortgage terms and higher monthly payments, potentially putting your home at risk. 

You should think carefully before securing other debts against your home. By adding your unsecured debts to your mortgage, which is secured on your home, you are potentially putting your home at risk if you cannot make the required repayments. 

Although the total monthly cost of servicing your debt may have reduced, the total cost of repayment may still have risen as the term of your mortgage is longer than it may have taken to repay the debts originally. The best thing to do, as always, is speak to a qualified mortgage advisor in Huddersfield.

A let to buy mortgage is where you have your own residential property already in Huddersfield. You have seen a property that you want to buy, however, you really don’t want to sell your existing property in order to purchase the new one. If you speak to a mortgage broker in Huddersfield they can guide you through the process. In essence what you would be doing is releasing equity from your house (generally up to 75% of the value) in order to raise a deposit for your new home. This way you get to keep your old house, generate a rental income and buy the new house of your dreams in Huddersfield. The first step if you are considering this would be to speak to a mortgage advisor in Huddersfield to see if you are eligible for this.  

We have access to a lot of lenders, so what does this mean?

One of the major pros of using a mortgage broker, like us, instead of a high street bank for you mortgage.

The fact we have access to so many lenders means, in simple, that we can compare deals from across the entire market – to ensure that the mortgage deal you get, is the best deal deal there is.

Matthew Charnock, Managing Director

Matt has worked in financial services for over 20 years offering down to earth advice that clients come back for year after year.

He started his career at Aviva offering home insurance and then moved to Lloyds bank which is where he acquired his mortgage qualification and developed his skills.

Matt then moved into the world of estate agency and developed a reputation in the Huddersfield area gaining recognition and awards whilst he was there for the last 3 years. The experience gained has now allowed Matt to form Mortgage To Home.

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