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£5,000 Deposit Opens Doors to Homeownership

Are you tired of renting and dreaming of owning your own home? Well, your wait could just be over. 

Accord Mortgages, a leading mortgage provider, has introduced a ground-breaking mortgage product, 

allowing first-time buyers to secure their dream home with a deposit as low as £5,000. 

Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting opportunity.

The Key Highlights 

  • Lowest Deposit Ever: With just £5,000 as a deposit, you can step onto the property ladder with confidence.

  • High Loan to Value: Offering a maximum loan to the value of 99%, this mortgage is tailored
    first-time buyers’ needs.
  • First Time Buyer Exclusive: Designed specifically for first-time buyers, this mortgage product 
    understands your unique circumstances and aims to make homeownership achievable.
  • Flexible Loan Terms: Ranging from £95,001 to £495,000, with a maximum term of 40 years, you 
    have the flexibility to choose a plan that suits your financial situation.
  • Credit Score Criteria: To qualify, applicants must have a clean credit history with no adverse credit 
    events within the past six years.
  • Accessibility: The deposit can be secured from savings or gifts from immediate family members, providing wider accessibility to potential homeowners.
  • Location Availability: While not available in Northern Ireland, this opportunity 
    is open to 
    residents of other regions in the UK.

Features and Benefits 

This innovative mortgage product offers a fixed-rate term of five years, providing
stability and
predictability in your monthly payments. 

With a maximum interest rate capped at 5.99%, you can rest assured that your mortgage
remain affordable and manageable. 

About Mortgage to Home 

Mortgage to Home is committed to helping individuals achieve their dreams of homeownership. 

Founded by Matt Charnock, Mortgage to Home aims to break barriers to entry into the
property market and make homeownership accessible to all. 

How to Get Started

If you’re located in the Holme Valley, Huddersfield, or further afield in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, 
it’s a great opportunity to move from renting a property into owning your own home.  

Do you need help with your first step on the property ladder? We specialise in helping first time buyers navigate the complexities of mortgages. 
Our team is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for your unique needs, ensuring a smooth 

homebuying journey. 

Contact us today to learn more and start your journey towards owning your dream home. 

Call us on 07868 110653 or email matthew@mortgagetohome.com

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